Services for working students

For all students (and in any case for working students or students with discontinuity of attendance) the following specific services are provided by the Interuniversity Center Edunova:

  • A dedicated online secretariat which acts as an intermediary with the University and Departmental structures (single point of reference) for carrying out all the practices related to the student career;
  • An online guidance tutoring;
  • A technological helpdesk with assistance request tracking system;
  • A disciplinary tutoring for each teaching in accordance with the DM n. 6 of 7 January 2019;
  • Registration and publication of all classroom lessons (with the exception of any laboratory activities or experiential nature);
  • Publication of the calendar of all activities (including exams) at least two months in advance of the start date of the teaching activities of the following semester;
  • Provide for the start time for the evaluation exams at suitable times for any transfers;
  • Encourage, when possible, a personalized schedule of the exams (Ex. For an oral exam to foresee, for single student or for limited groups of students, a timetable before which it is not called anyway, to avoid long waits).

Services for students with disabilities

The guidelines for greater accessibility of web-based systems will be implemented: monitoring compliance with WCAG standards, elimination of critical elements for accessibility (eg frames, flash plugins, etc.). 
However, it is aware on the one hand that the guidelines do not represent updated standards and are in line with the evolution of technologies and on the other hand that it is impossible to guarantee full accessibility for all the various types of disabilities. Therefore the accessibility to educational activities (online and in presence) for students with disabilities is guaranteed not through a generic respect of the rules on the accessibility of web systems but through an individual and personalized support.
Each type of disability, according to the most up-to-date international literature, needs an approach that identifies ways to overcome specific access barriers.
The CdS undertakes, through the Disabled Reception Service of the University and for the technological part through the Centro Edunova, to take on the individual problems to allow the access barriers to be overcome, as best as possible.
This may translate, depending on the specificities in question, into:

  • provide a tutor for classroom assistance for the student with disabilities;
  • make ad-hoc technology units available;
  • allow, in any case, access to all recordings of the lessons in presence (both in streaming and on-demand) in an 'accessible' mode or in formats indicated by the student and certified by the Disabled Reception Service.
In addition, the LMS made available will be equipped, first in Italy, with a specific tool for analyzing the accessibility of individual contents and to allow instant translation of some contents in accessible formats (Blackboard Ally Plugin).

Services for teachers

The Interuniversity Center Edunova acts as an organizational structure (efficient and effective) for all the activities to support the management of online education:

  • administrative and technical support for students;
  • management (and making available) of platforms, of all technologies and infrastructures;
  • teacher and tutor training;
  • production and publication of multimedia contents (the production can also be carried out independently by the teacher but within a process of controlling the workflow and verification and finalization before publication);
  • supervision of the management of the platform and the availability of all the information requested by ANVUR for the technological and system part;
  • multi-level tutoring service (as required by the DM6 of 7 January 2019).
  • management and care of the documentation required for AVA-ANVUR purposes.