The production and maintenance flow of digital and multimedia content and documents

All the multimedia material is produced in the recording studios of Centro Edunova.
Centro Edunova provides 1 professional recording studio, 6 recording booths and an anechoic booth for high quality audio recordings as well as all the necessary professional skills.
At the Centro Edunova there is a sector for all post-production activities with 8 equipped stations (iMac, 27 ", 32GB-RAM) on which various multimedia post-production software is installed (After Effects, Première, Final Cut , ScreenFlow, ...).
All the classrooms in which face-to-face teaching activities are carried out are equipped with a remote-controlled PTZ camera and Epiphan Pearl for the acquisition of video, audio, slide / PC of the teacher.
All classrooms are monitored and controlled remotely. Preparation and management of the multimedia facilities of the classrooms is by the Interuniversity Center Edunova.
The content produced in the studio is generated in a very high quality RAW format and shared with the post-production team on the Centre's LAN via a Local Storage System from 48 TB connected at 1Gbps speeds.
Each 'job' is assigned to a specific post-production technician who generates an uncompressed 'work' file in .MOV or .MP4 format. The work file is stored for at least three years from its production in the Storage Cloud (Dropbox Enterprise) of the Centro Edunova.
The post-production document is inserted in a graphic context relating to teaching and the course and is published in the Streaming Cloud of the Center (Vimeo Enterprise) in a 'protected' mode and not accessible to external parties.
Subsequently the link of the video is published in the teaching (LMS of the course) of relevance in 'hidden' mode up to an authorization for publication by the teacher.
For subsequent editions we will proceed with a re-editing and a possible update of contents with indexing of the various versions.
There will therefore be four versions of a multimedia document:

  • RAW version: stored on the Local Storage of the Center (eliminated at the end of the Academic Year);
  • HQ version: stored on the Local Storage of the Center (stored for three years);
  • post-editing version: stored on the Cloud Storage (Dropbox) (kept for at least three years);
  • published version: on Cloud Streaming (Vimeo) (kept for at least three years).
With regard to classroom activities, the management flow is highly automated.
  • In the classroom: recording of the lesson with video teacher, audio and PC output of the teacher in a graphic form already integrated with the references of the Teaching, the teacher, the Degree Course and the University;
  • The recording is saved in real time on the hard disk of the recording device;
  • At the end of the lesson it is automatically transferred, via S-FTP protocol, both on Local Storage (for archiving) and on Cloud Storage (Dropbox). Filing is guaranteed for at least three years;
  • A Cloud Integrator (Integromat) continuously monitors the presence of new videos in the various folders (one for each course) of the Cloud Storage and if there is a new video, it automatically publishes it on the dedicated Vimeo channel and from there inside the dedicated area teaching on the LMS;
  • The process ensures the publication, as a rule, of all lessons within 24 hours after their conclusion;
  • LMS managers, tutors and teachers monitor the correctness of the publication;
  • Also in this case three versions of the same content are generated (Local Storage, Cloud Storage and Cloud Streaming) which can be used in the event of reuse or damage and maintained by the Technical Staff of Centro Edunova for at least three years.
The accessibility to multimedia contents and to the educational delivery portal is guaranteed for at least 3 years after the provision of teaching for the cohort of reference students.