Training of teachers and tutors

The teachers and tutors, before starting the educational activities, must follow an initial training course, coordinated and managed by the Interuniversity Center Edunova, lasting at least 16 hours aimed at:

  • to be able to make full use of the platforms, tools and technological infrastructures;
  • knowing how to use the multimedia production systems of video recordings;
  • knowing how to use the technological equipment used for filming classroom lessons;
  • how to carry out online teaching activities with particular reference to interaction activities (according to the Guidelines);
  • how to provide multimedia teaching materials and online educational activities;
  • specific didactic planning with the use of technologies.
For the following years a training activity will be planned - at least 4 hours - of updating.
Teachers and tutors will be provided with Guidelines for the provision and planning of a course in telematic mode.

Coordination of teachers and tutors

Coordination and planning meetings are scheduled between teachers and tutors according to the following schedule:

  • The CCdS will dedicate at least one annual session (normally the training activities of the second semester), jointly with the Steering Committee for a collegial evaluation of the contents of the training offer, of the educational objectives and of the updating of the disciplinary competences also in relation to the subsequent study cycles and expressly taking into account both the opinions of the students and an analysis of the changes in the socio-economic context and of the disciplinary developments in progress;
  • 1 annual meeting (within 30 June of the previous Academic Year) of all teachers and tutors to plan and coordinate all training activities both in relation to the coordination of educational content and in relation to educational and tutoring activities. The meeting will be documented by a verbal extract;
  • 1 meeting prior to the start of the teaching activities of each semester, for homogeneous groups, for a fine-tuning of teaching and tutoring methods. The meetings will be documented by a verbal extract;
  • Teachers and tutors are required to have a continuous relationship of planning and coordination of the training activities related to the reference teaching.


Teachers and tutors will be provided with appropriate Guidelines (deriving and continuously updated also by the training and teacher-tutor interaction activities and by the cyclical review reports) for the conduct of the didactic interaction and for the ways of involving the figures responsible for the evaluation processes.