Prof. Anita GRAMIGNA

TEACHING: Theories and History of Education

She is director of the Laboratory of Epistemology of Education at the University of Ferrara, where she teaches General Education and Research Methodology. In the 2012 she was appointed European Ambassador of School Culture in her goals of human promotion of the universal right to education by the scientific committee of CEINCE (European International Center for School Culture); honorary professor at the San Carlos University of Guatemala and the University of Salamanca in Spain. He holds important scientific and didactic assignments at prestigious foreign universities from which he received twelve appointments as visiting professors.
His lines of research concern epistemology and the ethics of knowledge, with particular reference to the instances of cultural difference and the formative emergencies of current events.
Recently he has published: Internet addictions. Cognitive styles and new critical issues in learning (edited by); The dreamlike side of knowledge. Education in the ancestral world of Latin America, 2019; Knowledge Dynamics. Epistemology and Training Practice, 2015. Winner of the SIPED award (Italian Society of Pedagogy) for the scientific disciplinary sector M-PED / 01, 5th edition 2018.