CFU: 12
SSD: M-PED / 01 (6 CFU), M-PED / 02 (6 CFU)
Year: 1 - Semester: 1
Teacher: Anita GRAMIGNA

On going it intends to build the epistemological, methodological and technical tools of the pedagogical competence in its digital side with particular attention to the historical-evolutionary aspects of the key questions and to the emergencies of the actuality.


  1. History and evolution of the notions of technique and technology (the educational, epistemological and ethical implications). History of the concepts of education, education, training and their practical implications;
  2. Digital universe and education (contemporary youth anthropology: comparison with a recent past, forms of socialization, identity processes, new models of thought and learning schemes);
  3. Educational emergencies (Internet abuse and dependence, cognitive difficulties, decline in academic performance, behavioral disorders and cyberbullying);
  4. The educational proposal (metacognitivity, analysis and modifiability of cognitive fields, trans and post-disciplinary training courses);
  5. Presentation of processes and research reports on the issues presented ..