CFU: 9
SSD: SPS / 08
Year: 1 - Semester: 2
Teacher: Stefano MORIGGI

The evolution of technologies has always helped to redefine our way of "Being in the world" and to tell us humans. Today, more than ever, the digitalization of processes and relationships (personal and professional) requires an epistemological investigation and reflection based on the new horizons (and its new needs) for teaching, training and education. This course, in addition to providing a conceptual frame useful for framing the "new ontology" (Jarzombek, 2016) radically reshaped by the software code and algorithms, offers students the opportunity - through case-study analysis; interactive exercises and monitored by the teacher and comparisons with scholars and experts involved in workshops and innovative teaching formats - to make a concrete experience of the methodologies and educational, educational, training and work contexts with which you are trying to design and build an unprecedented as plausible "media ecology". All with the awareness that every discontinuity triggered by technological innovation requires to be tackled culturally - and not simply by updating the computer skills of individuals and communities.