CFU: 6
SSD: L-LIN / 01
Year: 1 - Semester: 2
Teacher: Maria Elena FAVILLA

The course aims to provide basic knowledge on the characteristics of the language, on its functioning and on the mechanisms involved in its elaboration, paying particular attention both to the possible applications of this knowledge in digital training contexts, and to the ways in which communication in digital contexts contributes to change the functioning and use of language.
After a brief introduction on the properties of language, on the fundamental linguistic levels (phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, vocabulary) and on their relationship with the dimension of meaning (semantic and pragmatic), the functional and interactional aspects of the language will be treated and discussed , taking into account the variation of the language with respect to the different dimensions (historical, geographical, social and, above all, those relating to the channel used and the type of communicative situation) and focusing on the most relevant issues for linguistic and communicative uses in digital training contexts.