Professional Function

Operatively they develop and implement web-based and mobile-based applications for training and analyze solutions and digital and multimedia content for training available on the market.

Operatively support the creation of multimedia content for the training and educational fields.

The functions described above are also applied to users with disabilities, DSA, autism spectrum disorders.


Operational skills in pedagogical and methodological-didactic sciences, integrated by differentiated areas of knowledge and skills in sociological, psychological, new media and new media languages, but always in relation to a prevalence of general education.

Skills to develop, implement, manage and evaluate educational projects, in order to respond to the growing educational demand expressed by the social reality and by the services to the person and the communities.
Skills and tools for information communication and management.
Juridical competences for the evaluation of the protection of intellectual property rights with particular reference to digital contents in the training areas.
Skills and competences in the use of tools and environments and digital solutions for the production of training contents.

Operational skills and competences to support the elaboration, implementation, management and evaluation of multimedia and digital productions (new media) with particular regard to the forms of new languages ​​and new techniques for analyzing and producing digital content and tools, in relation to also to users with disabilities, DSA, autism spectrum disorders (educational robotics, video games, digital books, social networks, etc).

Employment opportunities

The CdS allows employment in a variety of institutions, agencies and bodies:

  • agencies and companies, including public ones, active in the production of content for training and professional updating
  • publishing companies and agencies specializing in education and youth literature with particular reference to multimedia publishing
  • research institutions