Professional Function

They assist and intervene operationally, guided by scientifically qualified experts in the education (and re-education) of adolescents and adults in the use of digital environments and technologies and in actions to support education processes in the field of digital dependencies and behaviors risk associated with digital environments.

The functions described above are also applied to users with disabilities, DSA, autism spectrum disorders.


Basic operational skills in the psychological, pedagogical and methodological-didactic disciplines in relation to a prevalence of general education with particular applicative relevance in digital contexts.

Operational skills to support the development, implementation, management and evaluation of educational projects, in order to respond to the growing educational demand in the digital environment expressed by the social reality and by the services to the person and the communities.

Legal skills for understanding the evaluation of the protection of digital citizenship rights.

Skills and competences to support the design of educational interventions for the use of digital environments both individually and in the social sphere.
Skills and competences to support the detection of risk behaviors and digital addiction.
Operational skills and competences (guided and supported by qualified experts) in digital re-education processes.

Employment opportunities

  • leisure and entertainment centers, youth centers
  • services of public and private bodies active in training and digital education
  • training services for public and private social / health companies
  • organizations, social cooperatives, NGOs active in supporting interventions (including educational ones) in the area of ​​hardship and digital dependencies